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Tips for decorating a rental

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 26 September 2018

Feel like you can’t decorate your home because you’re renting? Never fear, there are plenty of décor options available for those who don’t own their own house.

You may not be able to let all your renovating fantasies come true, but take these tips for turning your rental into your own little piece of paradise.

  1. Indoor plants. As well as improving the air quality of your home, they look great and are right on trend at the moment. If you’re not much of a green thumb, try options such as a peace lily or Boston fern – they’re pretty hardy and thrive indoors.
  2. Macrame wall hangings. The 70’s are back, baby! Whether you make your own macrame, or purchase something funky and cool from the markets, macrame is hugely popular again. Macrame wall hangings are super light and can be put up on the walls with sticky hooks, which are easy to remove and don’t leave a mark.
  3. Soft furnishings. Comfy cushions, throw rugs and quilts are an easy and affordable way to style your home. You can change them with the seasons and they’re also a great way to add texture, with materials like velvet, wool and cool cotton.
  4. Style your coffee table. Keep it uncluttered – naturally, you need room for your coffee cup! – but a coffee table in the centre of your lounge room can be styled to suit your tastes. Think about some nice candles or a classy tray filled with magazines, books or coasters.
  5. Woven baskets can add texture and style to any home. And the larger the better! Perfect for your indoor plants, throw rugs, cushions or magazines, you can never have enough baskets. Style and added storage – you can’t go wrong.

If you’re looking at the rental market, ask us what’s available or contact our team.


Indoor plants.


Macrame wall hangings.


Soft furnishings.


Style your coffee table.


Woven baskets can add texture and style to any home.