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Top #10 financial resolutions for 2017

by Karleen Jentz, Copywriter 11 January 2017

Reducing debts and minimising expenses trump wealth creation when it comes to our New Year’s resolutions for 2017.

A survey from published on shows that 30% of the 2000+ respondents intend to pay off debt in 2017.

While 24% hope to review financial commitments including phone bills and monthly health insurance premiums.

Wealth creation is a focus for a smaller segment with 12% intending to buy an investment property and 5% hoping to get a promotion.

Just 7% of Australians want to give more to charity.

The survey also found that by the end of January more than a third of us will have broken our New Year’s resolutions and by July, four out of five will have relapsed to old habits.

Being too vague and not tracking progress were the most common reasons for falling off the New Year’s resolution wagon.

So if you set a goal for 2017 make a clear plan and track your success if you want to stick to it!

Check out the top #10 financial resolutions for Australians in 2017:

  1. Pay off debt – 30%
  2. Review monthly financial commitments (e.g. phone bill etc) – 24%
  3. Focus on a new career – 15%
  4. Buy a car – 15%
  5. Invest in a property – 12%
  6. Renovate – 9%
  7. Donate more to charity – 7%
  8. Graduate from a degree – 5%
  9. Focus on getting a promotion – 5%
  10. Consolidate superannuation – 4%

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