Brighter Landlording

Top #5 myths about landlords

by Karleen Jentz, Copywriter 10 April 2016

I’ve been a tenant, an owner and a landlord. And for some reason people (mostly tenants) love to hate me more when I wear the landlord hat…. and I think I know why.

Myth #1 – We’re all evil (cue evil laugh).

Let’s confront this one right away! Fact is, as with any morning train full of people, you’ll have fair, decent landlords through to the evil end of the spectrum.  We apologise for the latter, but please don’t let that colour your judgement…most of us are reasonable, decent family people.

Myth #2 – We make a lot of money off you.

Many tenants think we’re rolling in it. We wish! If we purchased the property eons ago then we may be making a profit.  But with outlays, ongoing and maintenance, it’s more likely we’re just breaking even. We’re not out to fleece you. Believe it or not we’re most likely just making ends meet…like you!

Myth #3 – Where’s my Block makeover?

Your living space needs to be clean, safe, and functioning. It’s not our responsibility to glam it up.  One of my prospective tenants complained about the ‘straight out of the 70s’ lino floor in my property.  Yes, it’s daggy. But it works.  If you don’t like it, maybe you need to look elsewhere?!

Myth #4 – We don’t want to hear from you (or to tell us everything).

It’s great to set boundaries upfront on this one and aim for a happy middle.  We don’t need to hear about the squeaky kitchen cupboard door 3 times a day (unless you plan to get on our nerves!), but knowing the roof is leaking is a priority!

Myth #5 – We’re all slumlords.

Unfortunately, it’s true for some–those walking a financial tightrope or who are simply…well slumlords. But most of us aren’t. We’re responsible property owners (hence why we have property managers). It’s not going to do our reputation, the tone of the suburb or our investment any good if it goes to wrack and ruin.

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