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Top #6 etiquette tips to avoid an open home faux pas

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 5 October 2016

Brisbane’s biggest Open House event is happening this weekend with some of the city’s most iconic and intriguing properties opening their doors for public viewing.

You can rest assured that when these grand properties are revealed, they will be in top condition and similarly top notch behaviour will be expected from visitors: no muddy shoes or dirty hands to mark these floors and walls.

Applying this same open house etiquette when buying or selling your own home can make the weekend routine run seamlessly for all.

Check out these top tips to avoid an open home faux pas.

Tips for buyers:

  1. Check out the storage space for size, but don’t poke around personal items
  2. Don’t park in the driveway – leave space for other viewers
  3. You might be tired, but don’t get comfy on the beanbag or bed, it’s not your home… yet!

Tips for sellers

  1. Depersonalise every room so buyers can picture themselves in your home, not you
  2. Don’t be there as you’ll make buyers feel self conscious
  3. Remove all traces of your beloved fur friends including bowls, beds and droppings.

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