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Two incomes + no kids = booming prices in these #4 suburbs

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 23 March 2018

Child free couples earning mega salaries are pushing up properties values around Brisbane’s CBD.

With dual incomes close to $200,000 in some cases, these DINKs (double-income-no-kids) are prepared to pay a premium for location and are turning some areas into virtual child-free zones, reports

Teneriffe, perhaps not surprisingly, has the highest concentration of DINKs with 17.3 per cent of its residents earning two full-time wages with no dependents. The typical Teneriffe DINK couple earns $198,654. That’s even higher than the top earning DINKs in Sydney’s Erskinville who take home $198,177.

So what’s the median house price in Teneriffe? That would be $2.51 million. Enough said.

Teneriffe is not alone in the DINK effect with several other inner Brisbane suburbs also sporting an above-average percentage of child-free couples. These suburbs have more than one-in-ten DINK households:

  • Morningside
  • Fortitude Valley
  • Albion

So will the DINK dynamic create a property price divide between the kid-free and kid-friendly suburbs?

Maybe, but biology will limit the effect.

“Rising house prices just means that being a bit more financially stable and secure before the dependants come along is happening a lot later in life,” said social demographer Mark McCrindle.

“You end up with a longer period of double income and no kids and demographically, there are more people in this category than ever before.

“But it’s not a trend that can keep being pushed back because of the biological limits.”

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