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Market update: Values rise in 99% of Brisbane house and unit markets

by Tiana Toledo, Sales Associate 6 December 2023

You might hear property commentators say there is no such thing as one property market.

What they mean is that even a so-called single property market like Brisbane, is actually made up of many different sub-markets based on location or property type.

The clever number crunchers at CoreLogic recently analysed 467 different sub-markets across Brisbane. This included 162 unit suburb markets and 305 housing suburb markets.

What did they discover? This diverse collection of sub-markets, all behaved in a strikingly similar way.

In fact 463 of these markets, that’s around 99 per cent, all saw growth in the three months to October.

“In Brisbane, each of the 162 unit markets analysed saw values rise in the past three months, while of the 305 house markets, only four saw a quarterly decline. These were the higher-end suburbs of Kalinga and Windsor as well as the more affordable Redland spots of Macleay Island and Lamb Island,” reported CoreLogic.

It pointed to low levels of housing stock and growing demand as the key factors pushing growth skywards.

“…suburb-level analysis reflects the extraordinary growth trend across cities like Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane. In these cities, total listings levels are low, city-wide capital growth is running a bit over 1% per month, and migration trends from both overseas and interstate favour more housing demand.”

This means that sellers across Brisbane are enjoying good sale prices, while buyers could enjoy future growth potential across widespread parts of Brissie.

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