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Wacko 70% discount fails to lure Neverland Ranch buyer

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 6 March 2019

Some properties are always going to be a hard sell and it’s sure going to take some real estate magic to offload Michael Jackson’s former Neverland Ranch.

It was originally listed for $US100 million in 2015, and two years later it dropped to $67 million. Now it’s got a price tag of $US31 million, reports Domain.

At this rate fans might have to crowd fund a joint purchase or the agents will need to fire-sale it on late night tele-shopping with a free set of steak knives.

So why is it so hard to sell? The ranch is not without controversy.

The late singer vacated it in 2003 after a police search linked to abuse allegations.

It was renowned for its particular style to match the fairytale name. Thankfully some of Jacko’s most wacko features have been removed. You won’t find a petting zoo here anymore. And it’s now been retitled Sycamore Valley.

Still, it seems the makeover isn’t doing enough to give this six-bedroom mansion a new owner just yet.

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