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What to get the person who has everything? Their very own island!

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 13 December 2023

A pristine island in the Whitsundays has been listed for sale with an asking price of less than what you’d pay for a slice of inner city Brisbane.

Victor Island could be yours for the princely sum of $2.75 million. Sure – it’s not quite in the first home buyer range. But it’s a bargain compared to a New Farm address, let alone a Sydney residence.

Perhaps a few mates could chip in and suddenly you have your very own island kingdom.

Complete with an eco-friendly house and abundant marine life, there are a few downsides to overcome.

You’ll need your own helicopter, or a boat. And you’ll probably need a caretaker. But that’s ok, because Victor Island has its own caretaker cottage.

It also has a desalination plant, 225,000L of rainwater storage, solar panels, a backup generator and solar hot water.

It’s off grid self-sufficiency could also offer wide appeal to doomsday preppers. So long as you’re not the kind of prepper who’s worried about rising sea levels and storm surges. This island is surrounded by a lot of ocean.

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