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What you need to know about e-decorating: the latest property service to go digital

by Karleen Jentz, Copywriter 28 June 2018

You can do just about anything property-related online these days: market your house, make an offer, get home improvement quotes and book tradies.

And now you can get a virtual interior design consultation too.

E-decorating is the latest property service to go digital. How does it work?

In essence, instead of inviting an interior design to your home you use an online service and all communication is done via email, phone or Skype, reports Houzz.

You’ll provide information about what you want and send your e-decorator photos of your room or rooms. They’ll typically send you back a mood board with recommendations for furniture, fittings and floor plans.

The service is good for those who want flexibility in when and how they communicate. But it won’t necessarily save you time since you’ll be doing the leg work to measure spaces and coordinate the installation of your décor when it turns up. You might even purchase the décor yourself using the e-designers recommendations.

Depending on which service you use you could save some cash too. E-decorators Houzz quoted charge upwards of $299 per room.

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