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Which surprise city boomed 50% in the past 5 years?

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 19 September 2019

It may be the forgotten cousin of mainland capital cities but Hobart has seen the lion’s share of the property action over the past half-decade.

This little isle has punched above its weight seeing a huge 50 per cent uplift in prices since 2014. Forgot the Sydney and Melbourne booms, which were less than half by comparison over the same period.
Brisbane, on the other hand, continued its slow but steady progress, clocking up 9 per cent growth during this time, reports
Hindsight is a wonderful thing but it won’t put money in your pocket. So where do shrewd property hounds sniff out the next growth centres?
University lecturer Peter Koulizos says his approach to picking future performers was to eliminate the cities that have already boomed, including Hobart, Sydney and Melbourne, then rule out those still in a post-mining boom slump: Perth and Darwin.
“I reckon it’s as easy as ABC — Adelaide, Brisbane and Canberra,” he said.
Check out the median home value changes since 2014 courtesy of CoreLogic:

  • Hobart up 50 per cent to $465,535
  • Sydney up 22 per cent to $790,072
  • Melbourne up 20 per cent to $626,703
  • Adelaide up 10 per cent to $428,203
  • Canberra up 16 per cent to $592,870
  • Brisbane up 9 per cent to $485,493
  • Perth down 15 per cent to $437,558
  • Darwin down 24 per cent to $388,232

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