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Why you don’t need to leave Brisbane to see snow

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 13 June 2019

It’s true, apparently. You don’t need to leave Brisbane to see snow. But you might need to be very, very patient.

As the winter chill has kicked in this month we got to wondering about the closest snowfall locations to our sunny river city.
We were a little surprised to learn, thanks to Brisbane Kids and, that snow flurries have been reported in Brisbane itself in 1927, 1932, 1958 and 1984. That’s not enough snow to settle but certainly enough to freeze the bits off a subtropical Brisbanite. Looks like we’re about due for another flurry in the not too distant future.
For settled snow, the records show the closest snow dustings to Brisbane fell on Mt Glorious and Mt Tamborine back in 1984. This was the biggest snowfall Queensland had seen in 80 years with Stanthorpe recording up to a metre.
The Granite Belt and Darling Downs are the closest options for Brisbane day trippers to catch a glimpse of the cold stuff.
And if you fancy skiing? Well you’ve got a snowflake’s chance in Helensvale of that happening in the Sunshine State.
So head to Brisbane airport. From here you’ve got your pick of the Australian or New Zealand alps just a few hours away.
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