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Belinda Nick

About Me

Hi, I'm Belinda, I’m our in-house videographer and it’s up to me to show that we’re not your stock standard real estate agency.

We promise no B.S. ever… and the camera doesn’t lie!
My day starts with generating a great video idea, organising it, then filming and editing it to bring it to life, and I mean ‘real life’.
Our videos are raw, fun, and you’ll see we’re not trying to be something we’re not. We own our bloopers baby! Check us out on Facebook.
I may not be Spielberg but hey, I’ve got my own super powers. I’ll do anything it takes to achieve a goal. My job is proof of that. Video started as a hobby for me, creating content for myself. Then I started producing content for my parents’ restaurant and decided to pursue it as a career. Then, cut to the future – here I am in my dream job.
What’s the future hold for me? No doubt I’ll be filing many more takes of Justin and our team straight to the cutting room floor, and I definitely want to own a pet goat.

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