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#10 Brisbane suburbs where “buy and hold” paid off big time

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 18 August 2017

In recent years Brisbane’s capital growth hasn’t made the kind of big-splash headlines we’ve been reading about in Sydney and Melbourne.

But for those who put their money in the right places a decade ago, their investments will have borne big, juicy fruit.

Brisbane boasts 67 suburbs which have seen median house price growth surge by more than five per cent each year for the past decade, according to CoreLogic data published on

That’s not too shabby and it is better than the four per cent average house price growth Brisbane clocked up in 2016.

The top suburb has benefited from that magic wand known as rezoning. You’ve probably never heard of Pallara, 17 km south of the CBD, but Stockland certainly has. It’s amongst the developers snapping up large land parcels for new housing developments.

The result: a 35.8 per cent increase in prices over 12 months, and a 9.1 per cent annual price growth performance over the past decade.

The rest of the top #10 comprises the more usual suspects, including some of our northside favourites like Nudgee and Gaythorne. Check out the full list below.

Top #10 Brisbane growth suburbs over the past decade

  1. Pallara $1,630,000 9.1%
  2. Nudgee $650,000 7.7%
  3. Highgate Hill $1,194,000 7.6%
  4. Gaythorne $798,500 7.4%
  5. West End $1,100,000 7.0%
  6. Coopers Plains $590,000 6.6%
  7. Holland Park $737,250 6.6%
  8. Norman Park $880,000 6.5%
  9. Holland Park West $685,000 6.5%
  10. Robertson $1,077,500 6.5%

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