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#20 Rich lister suburbs across Australia

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 2 May 2019

Want to live like the rich and famous? Simply upsize your postcode and you can be rubbing shoulders with the biggest pay packets in Australia.

The Australian Tax Office has released its tax statistics for 2016 and 2017, revealing the highest earning postcodes in each state and territory, reports Yahoo Finance.
The wealthiest earners in Australia, based on the highest average taxable income, live in New South Wales. To be exact, they live in the classy coastal enclaves around Coasters Retreat, about 40km north of the Sydney CBD, darling. The average income here is a hefty $230,330.
The poorest of the rich are off the mainland and in the Tassie postcode of 7258 which is home to just 571 people. They rake in a more modest $68,621.
In Queensland you’ll find our highest income earners, not surprisingly, in Hamilton and Ascot where pay packets average $107,478. Cha-ching.
If you crave the bling but your pay packet doesn’t stretch quite that far, you might be surprised to know that entry level buying here begins at under $300,000. That will get you a small one bed apartment, with a big Hamilton postcode.
Check out the #20 suburbs that house the highest income earners across each state.

  • Ascot, Hamilton, Qld, 4007. Average taxable income of $107,478.
  • Palm Beach, Great Mackerel Beach, Currawong Beach, Coasters Retreat, NSW, 2108. Average taxable income of $230,330.
  • Forrest, Griffith, Manuka, Red Hill, ACT, 2603. Average taxable income of $110,394.
  • Hawksburn, Toorak, Vic, 3142. Average taxable income of $193,904.
  • Hyde Park, Malvern, Unley, SA, 5061. Average taxable income of $93,871.
  • Cottesloe, Peppermint Grove, WA, 6011. Average taxable income of $155,264.
  • Alyangula, NT, 0885. Average taxable income of $83,343.
  • Relbia, White Hills Tasmania, 7258. Average taxable income of $68,621.

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