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#4 Hot suburbs set to get hotter – and #3 set to cool off – by 2023

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 9 June 2017

Windsor, Wilston, Paddington and Milton are perennial favourites with buyers and renters and according to new research they’re about to get even hotter.

We’re not talking property-price-hot (but they look pretty good for that too), we’re talking temperature hot.

Changes to urban landscapes can make suburbs hotter or colder than neighbouring areas.

Where an urban area is hotter than its surrounding areas, it’s called an “urban heat island” effect.

Clever researchers at QUT have modelled five different urban planning scenarios for Brisbane to figure out where the mercury will rise and fall in the years to the come.

Should infill development continue in our inner Brisbane suburbs the following suburbs will be considerably warmer in 2023 compared to their 2004 temperatures:

  • Windsor (1.08 degrees warmer)
  • Wilston (1.16 degrees)
  • Paddington/Milton (1.58 degrees)

However should sprawl development push urban areas outwards, the following suburbs will be significantly cooler:

  • Fortitude Valley (-3.08 degrees)
  • Spring Hill (-2.27 degrees)
  • South Brisbane (-2.23 degrees

The researchers are hoping their findings will help inform future planning policies.

Read the full report on the QUT website.

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