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#5 North side suburbs where a hip café culture is perking up prices

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 7 December 2017

Caffeine does more than just put a spring in your step. It also perks up property prices when it’s served up with a hip café culture.

Whether it’s a neighbourhood coffee roaster, a hole in the wall or a secret coffee spot that no one else knows about, it seems to be the closer you are to a mini explosion of suburban cafes the better your property growth stats.

In the US they call it the Starbucks Effect: where property prices increase at a higher rate the closer you are to an outlet.

There’s no shortage of coffee haunts in Brisbane and if you’ve got an influx of baristas near you, then you have reason to be excited.

Cafes are an indicator of suburb gentrification and this is a tell-tale sign of where demand is rising.

Most coffee retailers are very good at finding locations that are up-and-coming, so they will sniff out the perfect roast and the perfect place to sell it, one which is benefiting from increased residential and commercial real estate activity.

It’s true that buyers and developers are drawn to lifestyle and cultural aspects of an area. It forms an important part of their evaluation criteria when deciding where to buy.

So where on the north side will you find a rising market and flat white?

We’re seeing trendy cafes jump-start local lifestyle desirability, increasing competition and pushing up prices in these suburbs:

  • Albion
  • Gordon Park
  • Stafford
  • Wavell Heights
  • Mitchelton

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Café de SOYT Albion

A retro video games café tucked away next to a car window tinting business.

Artie and Mai Albion

Fab foodie’s café bar in the quaint heritage listed Albion terrace.

Two Streets Over Cafe Gordon Park

Hub of "roasting and toasting happiness" in a cute Gordon Park corner shop.

Elixir Coffee HQ Espresso Lounge Stafford

one of the stars of Brisbane’s coffee scene

The Soul Pantry Stafford

Beautiful one stop oasis for anyone interested in cheese, flowers or gardening.

Barrow & Bear Travel + Coffee Wavell Heights

Each menu item at this vibrant unique cafe is named after a city in the world.

Blackwood Cafe & Espresso Bar Mitchelton

Thriving Blackwood St precinct, great food and coffee are the order of the day.

Geronimo Jerky Cafe Mitchelton

Home to Brisbane's best beef jerky and Wild West inspired cafe fare.

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