Brighter Buying

New online map reveals affordable pockets in your dream suburbs

by Karleen Jentz, Copywriter 7 December 2017

Think you’re priced out of your dream suburb? Think again.

A new online mapping tool can show you at a glance where the pockets of high and low priced properties are in your chosen suburb.

If you’re looking for a cheap way into your dream suburb this tool could point you in the right direction.

Median prices for suburbs reflect the ‘middle price’ of property sales, so half the homes in a suburb will have sold for more than this amount and half will have sold for less.

While median prices are one indicator the cost to buy into a suburb, they can mask the spread of properties available.

New research from CoreLogic shows that Brisbane’s median dwelling value is recorded at $490,525 while the spread of prices ranges from $302,177 for the lowest 10 per cent of properties and $826,860 in the highest 10 per cent.

The price variation across a single suburb can be just as dramatic.

Consider the prized inner north suburb of Ascot. The priciest pocket of houses in this prestige burb has a median value of $2.4 million. But the cost of entry for a cheapy unit is just $374,575.

Here in Aspley you can find a pocket priced to suit your budget with housing prices ranging from $455,000 to a swanky $1.25 million.

The path to your dream suburb may be cheaper than you think.

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