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#5 Tips to fake trendy interiors this year

by Karleen Jentz, Copywriter 16 February 2018

You don’t need to be a designer to smarten up your home and nor do you need a lot money thanks to budget retailers – we’re thinking K Mart – continuing to bust its price barriers.

But if you’re lacking a little confidence on the design front, allow us to help you fake it til you make it.

We’ve scoured some of our favourite design sites to bring you these do’s and don’ts for 2018.

  • The reign of copper has peaked, but don’t be too brassed off if you like to shine because the metallic of the moment is now, you guessed it, brass.
  • Powerdery pinks are on notice so use them in easy-to-replace décor rather than investment pieces or you’ll be blushing the same colour,
  • You’ll need to know how to use the term “wabi sabi” in a sentence and not feel stupid. It’s a Japanese approach to finding beauty in imperfection so bust out your weathered and cracked décor and put it centre stage.
  • You can also impress with your friends by raving about “haute bohemian” which Houzz describes as a “luxe injection into loose bohemian style”.
  • You’ll really wow your guests with the 2018 “homeware of the year”… the humble drink cart, showcasing cocktail accessories of course.

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The metallic of the moment is now, you guessed it, brass.

“wabi sabi”

It's all about finding beauty in imperfection.

The humble drink cart

It's the 2018 “homeware of the year”.

Powerdery pinks

Use them in easy-to-replace décor.

“haute bohemian”

Luxe injection into loose bohemian style.