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Which unlikely north side suburb is in top demand?

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 16 February 2018

Blue chip burbs, picket fence houses, proximity to the city… are these the things that spring to mind when you hear “in demand”?

Well quite often you’d be right, but not always.

The north side’s most in demand suburb in 2017 was… wait for it… Carseldine. And forget houses, it was units that attracted the most attention.

Sound unlikely? Well apparently not according to, a property research website that uses eight indicators of demand to find out which suburbs have the highest demand.

On a side note – if you’re an armchair property enthusiast you might also find the DSR score website floats your boat, also offering suburb comparisons based on key demand and supply indicators.

But back to Carseldine’s units, which ranked as Brisbane’s 4th most in-demand in 2017, according to Location Score data published on

Affordability and infrastructure saw units in Brisbane’s outer suburbs dominate the top five most in demand suburbs.

“People could be priced out of the rest of the city so you can find that these affordable suburbs are getting a lot more interest,” says Location Score director of research Jeremy Sheppard.

If you’re thinking of graduating from armchair research to the real world, we also recommend you talk to local agents to find out what is happening in local suburbs, including researching potential new developments.

Check out Brisbane’s most in demand suburbs:

  1. Manly West, Units
  2. Sunnybank Hills, Units
  3. Alexandra Hills, Units
  4. Carseldine, Units
  5. Kenmore Hills, Houses

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