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#5 ways to Feng Shui your entrance this Chinese New Year

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 23 January 2020

Get ready for dragons and dumplings, Chinese New Year celebrations are about to take over Brisbane in the coming week.

The Chinese or Lunar New Year is a time for appreciating, sharing and wishing for continued good fortune.
If you want to keep that good fortune cooking throughout 2020 try injecting a little positive energy into your home with a Feng Shui friendly entrance.
Of all Feng Shui fit-outs, the front door is the most important, says Houzz.
Add a touch of water, a splash of red and some curve appeal (straight lines are a no-no) and you’ll be positively humming into 2020.
Here are #5 inspiring ideas to get your front door positively bursting with good fortune.

  1. Place potted plants either side of your front door to ward off negative energy. Bamboo is a great option and so is the fortuitously named money plant.
  2. Install an outdoor water feature positioned to tell the universe you are ready to receive wealth and prosperity. Make it a bird bath and you’ll be showering feathered friends with good will too.
  3. Your choice of door is important. A solid door is best. Timber is better than steel. Red paint is the proverbial cherry on top.
  4. Create a space to leave your shoes outside as a symbol of you leaving your worldly concerns at the door. Cleaner floors mean you’ll also be free of the worldly concern that is mopping.
  5. Create a curved path to your front door, ideally through a leafy garden to filter just the right amount of positive energy into your life.

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