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What do property owners need to know about bushfires?

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 23 January 2020

Heartbreaking is the only way to describe the losses many Australians have faced as bushfires have destroyed homes, livelihoods and, sadly, taken lives this summer.

Media reports have been filled with commentary about the growing intensity of bushfires and other natural disasters as Australia adapts to more extreme weather patterns.
The Red Cross Climate-Ready Communities guide says that it’s not just rural areas, but also urban fringe areas, that are now becoming most at risk of bushfires.
So what do you need to know about bushfire readiness? One important thing you can do is to check you have the right insurance in place should the unthinkable happen.
As many as 80 per cent of property owners are under-insured the Insurance Council of Australia told Choice.
How do you know if you’re fully covered? A reliable online calculator can help you estimate the cost to rebuild your home. Choice suggests using the Cordell Sum Sure building insurance calculator which is an initiative of the Insurance Council of Australia. You type in your address not just your postcode for a more accurate estimate. It also suggests you compare the results with those from at least two other calculators.
Another important step is to develop a plan to prepare and respond to a bushfire.
The Rural Fire Service website has information you need to create your own bushfire survival plan. This includes information on where to go if you leave, and how to protect yourself, your pets and property if you stay. If also has information on preparing for bushfire season.
Your local rural fire service and even your local council may also be a good place to go for more localised information on your region.
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