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#6 Household chores to burn off your hot crossed buns

by Karleen Jentz, Copywriter 28 April 2017

Did you indulge at Easter? You’re not alone! If it’s now time to burn your hot crossed buns don’t waste money on a gym membership.

Focus your post-Easter health kick on your home and add weight to your property value while dropping it from your waistline.

Check these tips out courtesy of Readers Digest.

  1. Sweeping and mopping burns about 240 calories per hour. Starting with the dirtiest sections of your floor, then moving to cleaner areas will maximise you’re your upper and lower body workout… apparently.
  2. Mowing churns 325 calories per hour so make the most of the warm lawn growing weather before the winter stagnation sets in.
  3. Cooking burns 150 calories per hour, but unless you’re cooking a cucumber you’re likely to ingest more calories than you burn with this exercise.
  4. Shovelling snow burns the motherload of 415 calories per hour. But that doesn’t help us much in Brisbane. Perhaps try shovelling mulch into your garden beds for a lift in curb appeal and curve appeal.
  5. Painting burns 290 calories per hour and is a great way to work your leg and arm muscles. And it’s a good excuse for a massage afterwards.
  6. Gardening burns 250 calories per hour. Plant healthy fruit and veges for maximum effect.

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