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#6 Reasons why warring experts agree Brissie will continue a healthy growth cycle

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 9 August 2018

Booms are nice while they last if you’re already in the market. But if you fail to get into the market pre-boom or you find yourself on the downside – the bust – all of a sudden a slow and steady market seems pretty appealing.

That’s what Brisbane has been enjoying for years. And while Sydney and Melbourne are starting the slippery slope of falling property values, experts quoted in recent articles, like those in Smart Property Investor and Domain, are predicting continued growth in Brisbane.

The most bullish of experts are forecasting significant price movement but most moderate commentators are suggesting growth at a continued healthy pace. And that’s a good thing for buyers wanting to get a foothold in an affordable market, and for those already on the ladder.

While the experts might disagree on the size of the growth opportunity, they do seem agreed on the causes.

Here are #6 reasons why Brisbane will continue its sustained growth.

  1. Brisbane’s median house price is still very affordable compared to southern capitals where an entire generation is struggling to break into the housing market
  2. The gap between Brisbane and Sydney house prices is enormous to say the least
  3. Billions of dollars are being pumped into new infrastructure in the Brisbane CBD
  4. Brisbane’s jobs growth is improving
  5. Brisbane’s population growth is also continuing boosted by interstate migration
  6. Price growth has held a slow and steady trajectory in recent years avoiding overheated boom-bust cycles

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