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Want a pay rise? Move to Brisbane

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 9 August 2018

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the best paid of them all?

Read it and weep Australia, the answer is Brisbane workers.

Perhaps not quite what you might have expected, but it’s true according to the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) survey, published on

Here are the stats for the median annual income across our five major capital cities:

  • Brisbane: $51,726
  • Perth: $51,252
  • Melbourne: $49,359
  • Sydney: $48,381
  • Adelaide: $46,758

But there’s a catch. Australia’s overall median income is higher again at $52,988 per year. The mathematicians among you might be asking how that’s possible? Clearly somewhere outside of these cities is paying workers a heck of a lot more.

Where might that be?

Canberra or Darwin. We can’t be sure. The report doesn’t measure these cities separately but reports a combined median income for ‘ACT and Urban NT’ which is $67,000. We don’t get it either!

So if you want to join the nation’s best paid, then pack your winter woollies and / or your singlet and thongs, then flip a coin for Canberra or Darwin.

Or, just head to sunny Brisbane where you know you’ll get good pay in a steady housing market. It’s not a hard choice to make!

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