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#7 signs you need a ghost buster

by Karleen Jentz, Copywriter 29 October 2015

Believe it, or not, but “house clearing” ­– commonly known as ghost busting – is becoming big business in the world of buying and selling houses.

Frustrated vendors and hesitant buyers are calling on psychic mediums to rid homes of “disturbed energy” which may be blocking a sale or purchase.

Brisbane psychic medium Marisa, of Divinely Guided Reading and Therapy, says she too is seeing increasing interest in her clearing services. “Gradually people are becoming more spiritually aware, but I find people are either able to believe and accept psychic phenomena – or not – it’s rare for someone to sit on the fence,” she says.

Marisa says her clients get in touch for a range of reasons and often she is able to allay concerns. “A lot of the time, when people sense a spirit, it is a loved one,” she says. “But it’s that chilly and uncomfortable feeling that we don’t want hanging around.”

If you think the energy in your house is negative, it’s important to seek expert guidance. “Clearing needs to be done safely,” Marisa says.

Marisa shared with us #7 signs you need a ghost buster

  1. Unexplained noises
  2. A feeling of being watched
  3. Cold spots in a house or cold rooms
  4. Objects moving
  5. Lights turning off and on
  6. Pets behaving unusually
  7. Your house won’t sell

Think you need some house clearing? Contact Marisa at Divinely Guided Reading and Therapy or check out her website.

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