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Sydney hipster house spooks world media

by Karleen Jentz, Copywriter 29 October 2015

If the frightful Sydney price tag doesn’t spook you, the “bearded hipster ghost” occupying this Woolloomooloo terrace certainly will.

Recently sold for $1.19 million, this renovator’s delight hit the market with a portfolio of listing photographs that appeared to show ghostly inhabitants.

London’s The Mirror suggested the advertisement for this haunted house featured “some of the worst ghost pictures ever”, reported Domain.

So what caused all the fuss?

No, it wasn’t visitors from the other side. It was the signature photographic style of Sydney real estate firm BresicWhitney.

“You’ll often see a human element to our work, which we find helps to develop the visual narrative for the property,” BresicWhitney head of marketing Brendan Fearn told Domain.

The hipster ghost was the agency’s chief copywriter.

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187 Brougham Street, Woolloomooloo

The terrace had the British media creeped out – with some claiming it’s haunted.

187 Brougham Street, Woolloomooloo

Hipster or ghost of Ned Kelly? Photo: BresicWhitney

187 Brougham Street, Woolloomooloo

The listings photos had British media creeped out. Photo: BresicWhitney

187 Brougham Street, Woolloomooloo

C'mon who you kidding? Photo: BresicWhitney