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#7 value-adding spring landscaping tips

by Karleen Jentz, Copywriter 24 September 2015

After enjoying a winter hiatus, chances are your lawn needs mowing and the hedges need trimming now spring is here.

But viewing yard maintenance as a chore could be costing you money when it comes time to sell.

Various international studies have shown that good landscaping can improve property values by up to 11%, according to Domain.

Closer to home, the Brisbane City Council’s Economic Value of Greenspace report came to a similar conclusion.

“Leafy streets with 50% or more tree cover, were adding up to $29,000 (5.4%) above the median house sale price,” the report found.

But don’t go overboard with greening your own block. “Tree cover on the property greater than 20% had significant negative effect,” the Brisbane City Council report found.

Domain offers the following #7 tips to plant a pot of gold in your backyard.


Define lawn edges.


Screen problem areas with plants.


Mulch and weed.


Limit the type of plants.


Lay new lawn.


Create a statement with flowers.


Don’t go overboard with pruning.

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