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70,000 Bees found in a Carseldine ceiling? Oh beehave!

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 7 November 2019

Just when you thought the Halloween horror was over, here’s a story that will scare the buzzing daylights out of any homeowner.

A Brissie couple has made a creepy critter discovery that rivals any pest problem we’ve ever seen.
The Carseldine pair heard a noise in the roof, which upon investigation, proved to be a humming hive of 70,000 bees squeezed between the ceiling joists, reports
Perhaps the scariest thing about the discovery is that local beekeeper Paul Wood said finding new beehives in spring was “not unusual”.
“Swarming is natural – the groups of bees split in half,” he said. “They would naturally look for a tree to swarm in before building a hive.”
But with fewer old trees left standing in suburban areas bees can take up residence in unusual places, like wall cavities.
Removing bees from inside a wall or ceiling can be tricky – not to mention sticky. The bees are ‘vacuumed’ out but the wall or ceiling panels may need removing to get to the hive, which is a sweet mess to clean.
It’s estimated 10-15kg of honey would have been in the hive removed from the Carseldine couple’s ceiling.
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