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Bizarre property phenomenon: Queensland houses cheaper than units

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 12 October 2016

Boasting Australia’s best known rum distillery, there is now another reason to love Bundaberg: it’s cheaper to buy a house than a unit in this regional Queensland town.

The latest Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) data shows Bundaberg’s quarterly median house price has fallen 5.5 per cent to $260,000 whereas units boasted a quarterly median price of $287,000.

What’s the deal?

“This is really unusual and it’s a little bit of a quirk of the market – we haven’t seen this in more than 20 years,” said REIQ CEO Antonia Mercorella.

“It’s also a reflection of the buyers, who are largely pre-retirees and southern investors buying low-maintenance units that are easy to look after and very liveable.”

And if you think that’s quirky, here are some more bizarre facts from property markets around the world:

  • A glut of castles hitting the market in France last year saw some castle values dip below Sydney unit prices.
  • Half of all homes in Japan are demolished within 38 years, a phenomenon dubbed “disposable homes”.
  • The Greek debt crisis led to a Greek isle fire sale last year where a little over a million dollars could secure your island in the sun.

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Bargara has been a standout across the Bundaberg region.


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Japans disposable homes

In Japan, a home like a car, decreasing in value the minute you buy it.

Japans disposable homes

Japan has most architects per capita in the world, four times the US.

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