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FOMO driving buyers to Brisbane

by Karleen Jentz, Copywriter 12 October 2016

Fear of missing out – FOMO – could be the new trend driving property buyers to Brisbane if you believe what you read online.

Priced out of their own markets, particularly in Sydney, Gen Y and Gen Xers are being encouraged to spread their dollars further afield before it’s too late.

Toowoomba, Ipswich, northern New South Wales, the Gold Coast and Brisbane are amongst the list of affordable hot spots suggested in a recent article.

If you do choose the south east, get in quick says property prodigy Nathan Birch (a self-described “young, bold and brash” investor with 200+ properties).

“Brisbane and the Gold Coast are what I consider to be undervalued. The rate of growth in those areas is faster than Sydney and Melbourne and I think people will look back in 10 years and regret not buying in those areas,” he said.

If you are looking outside a capital city area, then heed the wisdom of renowned regional investor Margaret Lomas who told she hunts for specific economic and population indictors in larger regional areas. These include a population growing above national average, a diverse economy and employment opportunities.

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Nathan Birch

Bought his first house at age 18, while earning $30k a year.

Nathan Birch

He now owns 200 properties after buying 18 at the start of this year.

Margaret Lomas

Best-selling property author and property advisor.

Margaret Lomas

Is the Host of two property investment shows on Sky News Business.