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Brisbane the next hotspot

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 10 June 2015

While Sydney property price growth is still hogging the headlines, savvy investors are looking north for the next hotspot and Brisbane is firmly in their sights (no bubble bursting here).

Brisbane property is now markedly more affordable than Sydney or Melbourne. Couple that with higher yields and investors are likely to cross the border soon, according to a recent article on Property Observer.

Suburbs in Brisbane’s north are pinpointed as “especially encouraging” given the abundance of retail, infrastructure, rail lines and education, particular suburbs around North Lakes. “An equivalent area in Sydney would be triple the price,” Property Observer reported.

But it’s not just investors looking to make financial gains. Brisbane’s housing affordability and beautiful-one-day-perfect-the-next climate make it a popular choice for owner occupiers too.

“It’s appealing for both foreigners and Australian families looking for a certain lifestyle without the stress and burden of large debts. All of this means that there are likely to be a lot of investment property buyers in Brisbane in the coming years,” Property Observer reported.

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