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Brisbane’s top profit-making areas – and the losers

by Karleen Jentz, Copywriter 16 July 2015

Loss-making resales across the greater Brisbane area are at their lowest level since April 2011, according to the CoreLogic RPData Pain and Gain Report released last month.

The proportion of loss-making resales trended lower and was recorded at 9.6% over the March 2015 quarter, down from 10.3% the previous quarter and 10.9% a year earlier, the report found.

Not surprisingly the Brisbane City Council area has the highest proportion of profit making sales with only 5.5% of properties being resold at less than the original purchase price.

This puts Brisbane city ahead of the national average with 9.1% of all Australian home resales and 6.2% of the combined capital cities’ resales recording a gross loss.

Check out the top Brisbane real estate profit makers – and losers – for the March 2015 quarter.

Top #3 profit-making areas

  1. Brisbane – 94.5% of resales made a gross profit
  2. Redland – 88%
  3. Logan – 87.9%

Top #3 lost-making areas

  1. Lockyer Valley – 24.3% of all resales made a gross loss
  2. Somerset – 18.2%
  3. Ipswich – 17.2%

The Pain and Gain Report is a quarterly analysis of homes which were resold over the quarter. It compares the most recent sale price to the previous sale price to determine whether the property was sold at a gross profit or gross loss.

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