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Brisbane to hit nation-topping, double-digit growth in the next three years

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 5 July 2018

For years experts have been tipping that Brisbane will close the gap on inflated Sydney and Melbourne markets, but the question has remained: when will we bolt from the starter’s block?

New research from BIS Economics is saying that time is imminent, forecasting 13 per cent growth for Brisbane house values to 2021.

This puts Brisbane in a nation-leading position, with Perth and Canberra the only other cities to crack a single digit growth rate, reports SBS.

Brisbane’s growth will be fuelled by population growth as housing construction slows down in two years.

In the meantime Brisbane is expected to grow in line with inflation of around 2 to 3 per cent. Stronger growth of 6 per cent is tipped to kick in in 2020/21.

So what do other crystal ball gazers think of Brissie’s growth prospects?

In recent weeks, ANZ, Macquarie Securities and UBS issued favourable assessments of the Brisbane residential market, while the global ratings agency Moody’s Analytics declared the worst was over for Brisbane home values, reports

Check out how BIS predicts Aussie capital city house prices are set to grow to 2021.

  • Brisbane – 13 per cent
  • Canberra – 10 per cent
  • Perth – 10 per cent
  • Adelaide – 9 per cent
  • Hobart – 8 per cent
  • Melbourne – 6 per cent
  • Darwin – 5 per cent
  • Sydney – 3 per cent

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