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Brisbane to top 2016 house growth

by Karleen Jentz, Copywriter 15 June 2016

The collective crystal ball gazing of 270 real estate agents, managers and other property types has tipped Brisbane houses to top the charts for growth in 2016.

Yes, the tea leaves have spoken in the form of the NAB Quarterly Australian Residential Property Survey and they’re tipping growth across most capital city housing markets. Check out the forecasts below.

House price forecasts for 2016

  • Brisbane up 2.6%
  • Melbourne up 2.3%
  • Sydney up 1.5%
  • Adelaide up 0.2%
  • Perth down 3%.

But it’s not such a rosy forecast for unit markets across Australia, with most expecting flat or falling prices across capital city apartments.

Unit price forecasts for 2016

  • Perth down 3%
  • Melbourne down 3%
  • Sydney down 0.6%
  • Brisbane down 0.6%
  • Adelaide up 0.2%

As always, keep in mind these are broad brush averages and local markets with good underlying supply and demand will be well-placed to outperform the rest.

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