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Brisbane’s “real” hot spots … and how to spot a fake

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 2 February 2023

People need homes so it’s no great mystery that population growth drives property markets.

New data from KPMG shows the fastest growing regions across Greater Brisbane – the “real” hot spots – and the outer burbs are where the action is at.

KPMG demographics expert Terry Rawnsley found population growth in Brisbane during the pandemic period was in line with the previous three years, reports

“Many high growth regional areas have seen strong growth as residents have been attracted by local amenity and affordable housing,” Mr Rawnsley said.

“Due to this strong growth most of the fastest growing areas in Greater Brisbane had population growth in line with the previous three years.”

So does a fast growing region equate to fast growing property prices? Population growth is only half the story. If the supply of new homes coming on to the market matches the pace of population growth, price growth is likely to stabilise not skyrocket.

So how do you know if a property market is likely to sustain solid growth over time? Here are a few fundamentals to check:

  • The population is growing
  • New listings and stock on market do not exceed demand
  • The area has good employment rates
  • There’s a good proportion of owner occupiers living in the area
  • The government is investing in new or upgraded infrastructure.

Check out the Greater Brisbane areas with the fastest population growth during 2019-22.

  • Springfield – Redbank up 14,300 (4.6 per cent)
  • Jimboomba up 11,300 (6.3 per cent)
  • Brisbane Inner up 10,900 (4.2 per cent)
  • Browns Plains up 9,600 (3.4 per cent)
  • North Lakes up 9,200 (3.5 per cent)
  • Caboolture up 8,100 (3.4 per cent)

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