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Brissie burbs where $450k gets you in the door (OMG: Clayfield is on the list!)

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 6 October 2017

Affordability continues to be the headline-grabbing characteristic of the Brisbane market.

When you look at the numbers it’s easy to see why. These days $1 million in Sydney will get you a crumbling terrace, a main road frontage or a crazy long commute.

But in Brisbane you can buy a brilliant home and lifestyle for less than half that.

Many of Brisbane’s most affordable suburbs are still well under $450,000, reports Domain.

And you won’t have to sacrifice amenity to buy into these bargain postcodes.

For under $450k you can buy a ready-to-live-in house on a quiet street in the family friendly suburb of Bald Hills, just north of us here in Aspley. It’s just a 30 minute train ride to the Brisbane CBD and you’re spoilt for choice with nearby schools and shopping centres.

Or if you want to be in the midst of the inner urban action, you can still snag a unit for under $350,000 in Fortitude Valley and Clayfield.

South of the river, Forest Lake, Inala and Rocklea offer good value while the growing suburb of Ellen Grove tops the affordability list at $300,000.

Check out what you’ll pay to bag a bargain in these affordable Brissie burbs.

#7 Brisbane suburbs with affordable median price tags

  • Ellen Grove, $300,000
  • Forest Lake, $435,000
  • Inala, $358,000
  • Bald Hills, $442,500
  • Rocklea, $405,000
  • Fortitude Valley (units) $331,000
  • Clayfield (units) $347,000

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