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Would you like a share car with your apartment?

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 6 October 2017

Amidst fears of an oversupply, just how do you make your Brisbane apartment tower stand out from the crowd these days?

Offer Telsa electric cars for everyone!

Queensland residential developer Aria Property Group is including electric cars to share as part of the communal facilities of its proposed 261-apartment building on Manning Street, South Brisbane, reports The Australian.

We’re not sure how it will work, but we can learn from others who have dangled the share-car carrot overseas.

New York’s Solaire development in Lower Manhattan offers residents a fleet of BMWs, including the i3 electric vehicle.

The share car strategy in this case is intended to address tight parking restrictions in New York where in some areas, developers can ditch three car spaces for every share-car space they include in their development plans, reports Fast Company.

The strategy is also intended to appeal to millennials who don’t want the hassle of owning a car. Let’s face it – no one wants the hassle of owning a car, but back when pre-millennials were buying their first apartments no one was throwing in a Tesla on the side.

We’ll watch with interest (and a little bit of envy) to see how this works out.

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13-17 Manning Street, South Brisbane

Two Tesla electric cars will be available for use by residents.

13-17 Manning Street, South Brisbane

The tower would include 261 1,2&3 bedroom apartments.

New York’s Solaire development in Lower Manhattan

Offering tenants ReachNow, BMW's electric car sharing program.

New York’s Solaire development in Lower Manhattan

Developers are increasingly offering flashy extras to attract new tenants.