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Brissie ranks #11 for global price growth

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 1 September 2021

Brissie property has enjoyed some world-beating price growth over the past year as three-quarters of the world’s top cities have enjoyed a growth bonanza despite pandemic challenges.

Montreal in Canada topped the list with close to 40 per cent growth. Closer to home, Sydney (12 per cent) and Perth (9.7 per cent) snuck in ahead of Brisbane’s 8 per cent over the period.

The analysis comes from Chinese property portal Juwai IQI using Domain data.

What’s driven this mega growth?

“Government stimulus measures reduced the economic damage caused by the pandemic and helped inflate property markets, the report noted, at the same time, as new demand trends emerged due to buyers re-evaluating their living situation,” Domain reported.

“This shift in housing preferences combined with factors such as inexpensive financing, the wealth effect, increased savings, and reduced non-housing spending had contributed to higher buyer demand.”

Check out how Brisbane compares to our global neighbours. Compared to most cities on this list, Brisbane remains lucky to have a great mix of growth and affordability.

  1. Montreal 38.90%
  2. Los Angeles 34.60%
  3. Auckland 32.20%
  4. Toronto 30.00%
  5. Manchester 19.40%
  6. Vancouver 16.50%
  7. Shenzhen 13.60%
  8. Sydney 12.00%
  9. Perth 9.70%
  10. Lisbon 9.00%
  11. Brisbane 8.20%
  12. Berlin 8.00%
  13. Singapore 7.60%
  14. Melbourne 6.10%
  15. Kuala Lumpur 5.90%
  16. New York (Manhattan) 5.10%
  17. Paris 1.70%
  18. Ho Chi Minh City 0.70%
  19. London -5.80%
  20. Bangkok -6.30%
  21. Tokyo -7.40%

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