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Data shows Brisbane’s continues a strong history of price growth

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 25 August 2017

Ten years ago a third of Brisbane house sales achieved prices of more than $400,000 but new data shows that in the past year three-quarters of all house sales in our city surpassed this benchmark.

Looking back two decades ago shows just 2 per cent of Brisbane house sales achieved more than $400,000.

This journey through history, courtesy of CoreLogic research published on, reflects Brisbane’s steady, reliable growth.

It also shows we still enjoy a balance of growth and affordability that Goldilocks herself would no doubt dub ‘just right’.

The same can’t be said for Sydney where even unit prices have soared so far out of the ballpark that only 7.4 per cent of sales over the past year were below $400,000. Ouch!

The buyers of Hobart enjoy the cheapest sale prices with the Apple Isle capital the only Australian capital city to see half of all house sales for under $400,000.

Across Australia’s combined capital cities, 83 per cent of houses sold for more than $400,000 in the past year, as did 72 per cent of units.

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