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Got your flood risk letter yet?

by Karleen Jentz, Copywriter 28 September 2016

Thousands of Brisbane homes have had their flood risk downgraded as Brisbane City Council updated decade-old information.

Council has written to residents whose flood risk has changed as a result of the review.

Letters were sent to residents this month and the Brisbane City Council website has been updated to reflect the new information.

The flood maps were updated based on five new creek catchment studies. The full list of creek catchments now reviewed since the 2011 flood is available on the Council website.

It’s important to know a property’s flood risk for the obvious reason of wanting to keep your head above water when it rains. But the reported flood risk for a property can have other consequences that can hit your hip pocket hard. Property values dropped and insurance premiums went up for many flood-affected homes after the 2011 floods, so a downgrade in flood risk could mean dollars back in your pocket.

Go to the Brisbane City Council FloodWise Property Report webpage to type in your street address and check the flood risk for your property.

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