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Grab a sledge hammer: what you need to know before you knock down a wall

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 14 February 2019

The dream of an open plan living, dining and kitchen area is hard to resist in modern Aussie living, and it can be easily achieved in older style homes, simply by smashing out a wall or two.

But before you run to the tool shed for your sledge hammer, just pause for breath and make a couple of quick checks to determine if your open plan dreams will be a cheapie DIY job or a pricier professional proposition.

Here are a few critical questions Houzz recommends you ask before you start work.

First up, do you know if the wall is load bearing? If in doubt, call in a builder or engineer to confirm, and if it is load bearing you’ll likely need plans and permits so rethink your DIY approach.

Does it have power points, light switches or service pipes running through it? If so, get in an electrician or plumber to relocate these before you start to smash things up.

Does the wall contain asbestos? If your house was built or renovated before 1990 then it could contain asbestos. Get a licensed professional to deal with this stuff.

Do you live in an apartment? You’ll need permission before you start removing walls so get in touch with your body corporate.

Have you considered how you’ll finish the floor and ceiling? You’ll need a plan to fill that gap in the carpet where the wall stood once you take it out. Kinda obvious huh? Well, you wouldn’t be the first weekend wall warrior to consider this after the fact.

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