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#3 tips for first time renovators

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 16 January 2019

After an overcrowded Christmas lunch, squished into a hot kitchen you’ve declared that this will be the year you finally get around to adding that deck and sprucing up the 1980s kitchen.

Good for you! If you’re a first time renovator you can find the prospect of a major redevelopment – or even a small one – quite daunting. But the results will be worth it if you get it right.

So here are some tips to help you take the first step to hosting your 2019 Christmas lunch with style and breezes on your new back deck.

  1. Work with a good builder and project manager to cost your renovation properly, making sure you allow a contingency should you discover a nasty surprise along the way (like the electrical wiring needs to be replaced or you have rotten floor boards under your kitchen lino).
  2. Don’t over-capitalise. In other words don’t put more money into your reno than you would get back if you sold it. To some extent this is less important if you have a generous budget and plan to stay in your house for many more years to come. But for most home owners their home is their biggest asset so it pays to see a return on improvements you make.
  3. Avoid excessive DIY. The do-it-yourself bug is huge across Australia and if you have some tradie skills in the family then lucky you. But if you’ve never picked up a circular saw or power drill before, be selective about how much of the reno you do yourself. Assembling kitchen cabinets is not too difficult, and if you can master the art of painting crisp edges then a DIY paint job done well is hard to separate from the professional finish. But never attempt your own electrical work and plumbing is typically best left to the experts too.

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