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#3 Reasons why Brissie property is looking solid for 2019

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 16 January 2019

Last week we indulged in some crystal ball gazing, reporting property commentators’ tips for Brisbane property market growth for 2019.

Median values in Brisbane grew 0.2 per cent in 2019 which is a solid performance compared to some scary price slides in Sydney and Melbourne.

So far this year we’ve seen various commentators predicting another slow-but-steady performance for Brisbane, and even some predicting double digit growth. In the past week another crystal ball gazer has weighed in with ANZ forecasting a price drop of around 1 per cent for Brisbane in 2019, reports Your Investment Property.

Regardless of which crystal ball you think is right, it’s fair to say Brisbane’s housing market has been one of the most reliable and steady markets in Australia for many years now and that’s not likely to change in a hurry.

Some things the experts tend to agree on – even if they do squabble over specific numbers – are the drivers of our market performance. And here are #3 factors that will hold Brisbane steady in 2019.

  1. Our population continues to grow with net interstate migration rates looking good for Brisbane.
  2. The unit market, which has been slowing overall growth, will continue to stabilize as buyers absorb the oversupply and fewer new units come to market.
  3. Tougher lending conditions will have a smaller impact on Brisbane because the gap between earnings and property prices is smaller than the southern capitals.

So if you’re looking to wade into the Brisbane property market in 2019 jump in with confidence and make a splash!

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