Brighter And some

Has Dulux gone too far with its 2019 experiential colour schemes?

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 16 January 2019

Painting a wall these days is no longer about simply choosing a cheap off-white paint on sale at your local hardware.

These days, wall colour has gone all experiential on us. Just check out the Dulux Colour Forecast for 2019.

With these #4 schemes, you’re not just choosing a colour, you’re choosing an antidote to fractured relationships with nature, or excessive futurist technologies. Really, you ask? Well Dulux says so, and hey, it’s a fun read if nothing else. So grab a kombucha and kale salad, and be transformed by these 2019 Dulux colour schemes.

  • Repair: If you think a touch of wabi-sabi sensibility is what’s missing in your life, then inject some spicy cinnamons and deep greens into a neutral room and voila, you can restore a carefree existence of a bygone era.
  • Wholeself: Try pairing a deep breath with a soothing tonal palette and you’ll be amazed at how it evokes a feeling of relaxation and wellness.
  • Legacy: Saturated hues, like lilacs and deep purples, will help you tread the tightrope of time and value the past more fully in today’s disposable era.
  • Identity: Oranges and reds will get you walking on the wild side, as will any bold hue if you’re longing to connect with the real you in 2019.

Are we sure a wall colour will deliver all this? No we’re not, but you can have fun trying.

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