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How many pillows are too many?

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 26 September 2019

As The Block gets down to the pointy end of the renovation, debate rages about many things: budget overruns, design faux pas, Scott Cam’s daggy sense of humour.

But still, the most heated debates of all play out in the bedrooms. We’re talking about pillows.
How many pillows are too many? There was a time in Australia’s history where the ‘one head equals one pillow’ rule could be universally applied across Aussie households.
Now it seems that you can fill half a bed with pillows and still find room for more. Perhaps Shayna Blaze has shares in Pillow Talk. Or perhaps there is some method to this madness. Demographer Bernard Salt blames open plan living for ‘pillowfication’ of a nation that once entertained with its bedroom doors closed.
Whatever the cause, the good folk at Houzz offer these tips to help you master the art and science of bed pillows, in three easy steps.

  1. Firstly you need sleeping pillows. Yep, they’re your standard Kmart rectangles.
  2. Secondly you need decorative pillows. These ones are squares. You’ll find them in Kmart too called ‘European pillows’.
  3. Lastly you need an accent pillow. This is the mismatched one. It’s less about size and more about shape and texture.

Got it? So let’s do the maths. For a two-person bed, you’ll have two sleeping pillows, hidden under two decorative square pillows, and between one and three smaller decorative or accent pillows.
So to end the debate once and for all, that’s seven pillows, maximum. (Pillow) case closed.
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