Brighter And some

How to sum up 2020?

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 3 December 2020

What a year. Forget moving neighbourhoods, some of us were ready to hitchhike to a new galaxy altogether as COVID and a crazy town US election destabilised the world as we knew it.

Memes have variously described 2020 as a train wreck, a nightmare and about as much fun as a colonoscopy prep.

Social media commentators have observed the rise in popularity of home offices, toilet paper and fast internet connections; while life in lockdown diminished the importance of bras, shaving and access to public transport.

Amidst it all our city of Brisbane has weathered the storm with the stability and grace of a grand old jacaranda. Our backyards and parks are now awash with the annual flourish of purple blooms that lift our spirits just enough to carry us into Christmas.

Apologies if we got a bit poetic there – but Brissie really has outdone itself this year.

As southern capitals have felt the economic pinch of lower migration, overseas travellers and tougher lockdowns, Brissie has remained relatively stable. Our local property market can even be described as strong, with open homes still pulling crowds to rival Bunnings on a Saturday morning.

And forecasts for the year ahead top those we saw this time last year. Price predictions from some of the big bank economists are tipping Brissie to skyrocket upwards of 7 per cent in 2021 – that’s triple some of the forecasts we noted this time last year.

We know it’s been a tough year and the relative normality now enjoyed by many has not yet returned for all. But we’ve shown what we can do working together in 2020 and we’ll face 2021 with the same strength and smarts that have steered us to this point.

It’s been our absolute pleasure helping you with all your property needs and aspirations this year and we wish you a happy, healthy and safe festive season.

Our bloggers are taking a break now til the new year but the Watt office is still open. So get in touch if we can help you in any way with sales, rentals, landlording, valuations, or just a chat to help you plan the year ahead.