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Where to find Brissie’s best Christmas lights!

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 3 December 2020

In another sign Brissie can’t wait for 2020 to be over already, we’ve noticed the Christmas lights sparkling a little earlier than usual on our local streets.

So where will you find the very best lights this year? For the early birds among you check out the Brisbane Kids website.

It’s publishing a daily update of where you’ll find Christmas sparkle. We’ve listed a few of its north side light spots below:

  • Minimine Street, Stafford
  • 5 Wintergreen Close, Bracken Ridge
  • Carlingford Circuit, Warner
  • 9 Glider Street, North Lakes

For the serious Christmas lights enthusiasts, the 4KQ Christmas Lights competition is ready to ramp up with public viewing officially starting from Friday 4 December.

Check out the 4KQ website for details of the finalists and winners.

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