Brighter And some

It’s time to paint the house … wasabi green?!

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 1 March 2023

Autumn has arrived and if you’re looking for some new home styling it’s time to bust out the sugar soap and brush up on your latest Dulux colour forecast.

Each year this painting powerhouse predicts the colour palettes that are most likely to bring out your inner Shaynna Blaze.

In 2023, Dulux has launched three “emotive palettes inspired by our need to reconnect with nature, desire for balance and calm, as well as reviving our spirits with joy and play”.

Here’s a quick guide to each:

  • Balance: brushes away the uncertainty of the world with blankets of deep blue, soft pink and cool whites.
  • Connect: blends earthy greens and browns with warmer whites to create cohesion between indoors, outside, and your own inner peace.
  • Revive: Splashes soft pinks and yellows with bold greens and purples to ignite joy and playfulness guaranteed to restore and energise.

Not floating your boat? Find a year that’s more of your era with the gallery of Previous Colour Forecasts.

Take a wall-colour-walk back to pre-pandemic 2019 when the ‘Wholeself’ palette nostalgically talked about the concept of ‘wellness’ as a ritual and not a COVID-negative result.

Or step into Trump era 2017 when ‘humble fawn’, ‘vintage beige’ and ‘pragmatic’ were must-have colours in the Sentience palette, but we suspect, definitely not top choices for the walls of the oval office.

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