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Judges’ verdict: best Blockheads of all time

by Karleen Jentz, Copywriter 4 November 2015

As any savvy investor knows, when dealing with property transactions, take emotion out of it and focus on the numbers.

The analysts at Domain have done just that in determining the best Block contestants of all time.

But they haven’t measured the profits. Top profit honours as we know went to Triple Threat contestants Daz and Dea, who made a cool $835,000 when their South Yarra pad went to auction.

Just to be clever (or cruel) Domain has tallied the judges’ scores to see who should have been bestowed the “reno crown” on points alone. Is this a great way to rub salt in the wounds, or is there some honour in knowing you did a good job even if you didn’t get the cash? You decide.

Check out the top #5 Blockheads below and view the full list on Domain.

Read the full list – all 35 of them – on Domain.


Michael and Carlene: Glasshouse


Kingi and Caro: Blocktagon (they’re not even finished and they’re in the box seat on points)


Disappointed Darren and Deanne: Glasshouse (little did they know pay day was just around the corner)


Shannon and Simon: Glasshouse


Matt and Kim: Sky High