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Kiwi house prices higher than in Aussie… are they for real eh bro?

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 15 April 2015

So with the Kiwi dollar more or less at parity with the Aussie dollar, that’s one less thing we can gloat about to our cuzzies across the ditch.

We love to beat the Kiwis at pretty much anything. Did I hear someone mention the cricket? But Auckland has taken out first place in a contest most Aussie buyers would be happy to lose.

On the back of a property boom, and unprecedented sales activity in March, the Auckland median house price is now even higher than Sydney. Or so says a recent article published in Business Insider. We think a close look at the numbers might suggest Sydney takes the cake, depending on what you’re measuring.

New Zealand does, however, take a clear lead on Australian when it comes to housing unaffordability, rated as having the world’s second highest house price to income ratio.

Again, not a competition Aussie buyers want to win. We ranked a distant fourth, reported Business Insider.

All this talk of sky-rocketing prices in our nations’ most populous cities makes us glad we live in Brisbane.

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